On this page I intend to provide a brief overview of projects and organisational challenges that I have been involved with. If you would like to know more about any of these please get in touch. I will start listing the projects and over time I hope to get through the majority of them and outline briefly the challenge the organisation faced and what was done to address it. Many of these projects they have been designed as vehicles to drive cultural change and build capability, so the design and leadership of them have required thoughtful consideration of what behaviours and symbols would reinforce or challenge the current culture.

Sydney University

  • Supported the SAS Program with the transition of Higher Degree by Research student administration services from faculties to a centralised team.

Sydney Trains

  • Development of the PDCA based improvement system for station staff across the whole network (SCIP – Station Continuous Improvement Program).
  • Development and implementation a new safety system for managing electrical isolations during track possessions.
  • Redesign of the light vehicle management system.
  • Designed an Idea Management System which included an online idea management platform.
  • Participating in developing the Innovation Strategy for TfNSW
  • Influencing the approach to Change Management for TfNSW and Sydney Trains

State Government Agencies

  • Development and  implementation of new operating model to support a shift from Monday to Friday operation to 365 day operation for Victims of Crime Support Centre.
  • Development of customer centric operating model for business support unit.
  • Review and redesign of core service delivery system in Department of Justice. Prezi case study available here. This work subsequently led to the initiate below.
  • Development and implementation of new organisational design to support new operating model and the desired organisational culture.
  • Review of end to end Land Registration System. Initiated by the Executive Director as a response to customer complaints about the level of bureaucracy they had to deal with relating to land issues. This review led to the initiative below.
  • 12 month operational leadership development program. Supporting around 25-30 Managers to conduct a Check-Plan-Do (The Vanguard Method) cycle to understand and improve their respective areas of work.
  • Process review of shared services procurement unit. This started off as a ‘process’ review project, however, we quickly identified that the process side was not the biggest issue so we quickly shifted the focus both one and two levels up and started working on the underlying assumptions that guided the behaviour of staff.
  • Organisational review of corporate services function.
  • Review and redesign of shared services function.
  • Organisational review of shared services property management function.
  • Lean Six Sigma pilot project in pubic housing. Case study available here.
  • Several process improvement projects in public housing following the pilot project.
  • Cross departmental improvement project to identify and address issues constraining construction of Government Employee Housing.
  • Redesign of recruitment system using a bottom-up, top-down approach.

Global Mining

  • Supported leadership development work by coaching leaders in process improvement at global mining company
  • Supported the implementation of new global operating model in Queensland mine

NZ Government

  • Redesign and implementation of Antarctic event management (logistics) system.
  • Supported the development and implementation of learning & development system designed to drive safe working behaviours.

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