Reputation Resumé

“With his exceptional dedication, strategic thinking and business awareness Stefan inspires people to push through from the ordinary to the extraordinary.”

What you can expect from me:

Are you ready to view your organisation differently, open to the idea of rethinking some of your assumptions about people, work, and organisations? Then I am happy to help. You’ll get honest and frank advice and feedback on what is working and what is not. I work as passionately and with as much dedication in the boardroom as I do on the shopfloor. I will work with you and your people where the work happens to co-create positive change. Together, we explore, test, and implement new ways to bringing about a better organisation.

A summary of my professional reputation:

”Stefan has an exceptional dedication on getting real and concrete outcomes for his clients. He has a strong ambition and is courageous in presenting insights to clients which may be unexpected. Stefan is a great listener with strong analytical skills, who will find the real facts and get to the heart of what is going on. He is highly capable, has a quick, strategic way of thinking and finds effective solutions that may not have been explored before. Stefan inspires people to push through from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

Stefan is fun to work with, he is highly professional and has a strong business awareness. He has the ability to frame up ideas into meaningful pieces of work designed to build capability in an organisation and increased productivity. Stefan builds trust with his clients and has an unusual ability to work across all levels of an organisation and across cultural boundaries. He pulls together different organizational change methods that help
to solve the unique problem. Stefan inspires through his engaging personality, not least when he is prepared to call out poor processes in a diplomatic way through a strategic line of questioning.”

The abstract above is based upon the responses from 11 colleagues and customers responding to a series of questions anonymously in January 2015. The answers have been analyzed and presented by Per Frykman Inc +46 706240058

Track record:

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